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Blog Marketing For Assisted Living

Google is always looking for content. It can never get enough of it. Your prospects too are always looking for information. They can never get too much information. The information you are blogging about has to be of the highest quality and interesting.

The More Blog Posts You Make The Better.

From all search engines’ point of view – When you blog frequently, you raise your visibility.

This rise keeps you constantly being crawled by the search engines.

The more often these crawlers visit your website, the higher your website can rank in their search results.

If you ensure that you blog at least once every week, you will be adding 52 new pages to your site every year.

Besides that, as you blog, you will be increasing your chances of using keywords that your potential clients use to search for your services on the internet. This means that a prospect looking for advice or ways to inform their parents or spouse about relocating to an assisted living community may find what they are looking for on your blog.

If you blog about low-stress exercise for seniors than visitors looking for ways to do less strenuous exercises may find the information they need on your blog.

If you blog about Medicare Part D, a prospect who’s looking for more information on Medicare Part D may visit your website to learn more about it. This may be a great way to introduce more seniors to your community by holding a seminar on Medicare Part D.

Write About Different Topics and Keywords That Interest The Elderly and Their Children

By writing about these issues for the elderly consistently and frequently you can position yourself as the expert.

Having expert status will help in two ways:

As covered above, Google looks for specific information that is well written and easy to read. The more frequently you blog on these topics, the more Google will crawl your site. Always remember to make your posts long enough so you can explore the topic in-depth.

When your prospects read your blog posts, they will learn to trust your knowledge and expertise. They will realize that you know what you’re talking about and that your senior living community understands the issues that affect seniors and the people they care about.

When the time comes to contact the best assisted or active living community, they may contact your facility first because of the report and confidence built in you from your blog.

When you blog, avoid using language that may come off as too sales-y. Do not focus on only the benefits of your community. Instead, write about the general benefits of staying in any assisted or active living community. Also, make sure that you are fair and unbiased, mention some drawbacks too. No one likes to read advertisements. Look at the actual needs of your community member and focus on those issues.

When you write the blog posts, always write as if you are targeting your perfect prospect. Create a persona of who are your ideal potential community members. Detailed portrayals of some of the important issues to your ideal prospects should address the pain points, wants, needs, and goals of your ideal prospective community member.

Answer the following questions so you can create your best-targeted prospect persona.

  • How old are your prospects, where do they live, what is their gender, how much is their income?
  • What is their marital status?
  • Do they have any children, if so, what are their ages?
  • What is their personality?
  • How do they base their decisions, on emotion or logic?
  • Are the prospects methodical or impulsive?
  • Are the prospects retired, if they are, for how long?
  • If the prospects are still working, how can your community benefit them?
  • How familiar are they with senior living communities?
  • Is this the first time that they are making plans for themselves or have they been looking into senior/assisted living communities for some time period?
  • Are they looking for a community for their grandparents/parent or for themselves?
  • What are the challenges and problems that they are facing(pain points)?
  • What are their expectations?
  • How can a community help meet their expectations?
  • How can a community help them ease their challenges or pain?
  • Do they rely on their friends’ recommendations on products and services and/or do they use review sites?
  • If they do, which ones?
  • What are the questions or concerns?
  • What do they like or not like about assisted or senior living communities?

Analyze your website and social media data for patterns and trends. Look at the traffic to find out which content is receiving the most traffic and where that traffic is coming from.

Interview people you consider as the perfect community member, or the ones who closely match your ideal persona and ask them those questions. You could hire a market research firm to interview them and receive a detailed report on the results.

Create at least three buyer personas and give each one of them a name. Go a step further and put a face to the three personas. You can use any stock photo at your disposal. Adding a face to the name gives the persona life and allows you to see a real live person in the persona.

When you have done all that, summarize how your assisted living facility helps each one of the three personas improve their lives. Write how you help each one of them ease their concerns and reach their goals.
Ensure that whatever you write down is addressed to these three personas. Write to them as if you’re writing to real prospects with real questions and concerns. Your main aim should be to make every post as helpful and as informative as you can.

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