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Assisted Living Digital Marketing Guide

According to the mathematician, Mark Biegert, 10,000+ seniors turn 65 each day and this trend will continue until 2029. Baby Boomers are looking to stay active and healthy and possibly even continue to on with their careers quite often until their 70’s and beyond. They also want to simplify their daily routines by changing their housing in advance of their retirement. This assisted living digital marketing guide will help you raise your occupancy rate and increase your bottom line.

Many baby boomers do this research as they look for senior housing and assisted living facilities for their own parents. Members of Gen X who are now in their 40s and early 50s are often looking at living options for their older boomer parents that are starting to enter their 70s.

The commonality of communication for these two generations is what you are using right now to read this guide, the internet. They are online and using apps on their mobile devices and your community needs to be on there also.

It would be hard to believe that your community doesn’t have a website, if it doesn’t you can contact us here to help you design and optimize one to convert by clicking here. Assuming you have a website and assuming it is a great website, there is more to being online than just having your site You need to be increasing your exposure in your local area and marketing your community online.

assisted living digital marketing ideas

Almost 50% of the Baby Boomers that online does so via tablets or smartphones. Did you know 77% of this generation are online each month?

Online research shows that 82.3% of Boomers belong to at least one social media site. Facebook is by far the most popular with 82.3% of these seniors having an account there. With people continuing longer with their careers an astonishing 35.3% are connected with LinkedIn, followed by Pinterest at 34.4%, Google+ has 32.2%, and Twitter having 30.6%.

Before the internet people would look in the Yellow Pages or in relevant publications for advertisements of the place, product or service that they were looking for. Nowadays the Yellow Pages are in their pocket or bag.

online reviews

How important are online reviews to getting people to visit your community?

Here are 50 interesting stats about online reviews.

Do you have a Reputation Marketing program?

If you are not marketing your community on the web, how easy is it for the Generation X folks and Boomers to find your website?

Your website allows them to not only find what they are searching for but you can position yourself as an expert. Remember that people do business with who they know, like and trust. Your digital marketing allows you to establish yourself and your staff as those persons. Do they trust that you will take care of them and/or their parents?

Is it Easy for Prospects to Find You Online and Come to Trust You

There are seven parts of a great online marketing plan for your community:

Website: Optimize the community’s most valuable marketing asset, your website.

Reputation Marketing: Allows you to hide bad reviews and promote great reviews over the many review communities online, by using reputation marketing you can leap ahead of your competition.

Landing Pages: Build a list by giving great valued information to prospective community members via conversion designed landing pages.

Email: Share information with the people have requested more information by opting in on your landing page that responds with an email marketing campaign that will position you as the expert.

Blog: Allows you to position yourself as an expert and provide resources for prospective community members. You want loads of really good information making your blog the source they keep referring to for help and guidance.

Social Media: This is where your staff and community members can share photos of events, ask questions of community members, build a true interaction between community members, their families, staff and potential community members. Social media use can naturally increase your exposure,

Retargeting: By placing a retargeting pixel on your website you can place ads strategically place on the internet by using Adroll, Facebook Ads or even LinkedIn Ads. This is an excellent source to increase website traffic and interaction.

Digital marketing allows you to narrow down to the demographic and geographic area of your prime prospective community members. It can even help you market to the prospective members who have the qualities, interests, and resources that of your model community member.

Inbound marketing tactics as mentioned above allow you to measure you ROI versus traditional advertising such as print, radio, and television.

This guide is written in a series of posts and these posts get into the nitty gritty of each one of these seven digital marketing steps. You will learn tactics and techniques that can have your community at 100% occupancy with a wait list.

I am a digital marketer that got my start marketing my restaurant businesses in Costa Rica and San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. I took my online marketing success and joined an elite online SEO Mastermind to learn SEO. These skills have allowed me to drive traffic and leads to my clients and other SEO's websites. Now I am a digital nomad based out of Chandler, Arizona but spend much of my time in the Tropics.