Landing Pages

Landing pages form a very important part of any lead-generating campaign that you may carry out. You should also note that you would need multiple landing pages in order to make your lead-generating exercise as effective as possible.

Your site receives more visitors when you include sound social media, advertising, and blogging strategies (we will cover more on these later) into your plan. However, even if you spend a lot of time and effort on attracting visitors it would not benefit the sales team of your “senior living community” if you weren’t able to collect the contact information of these visitors. All your efforts to draw traffic to your website would be for nothing if you cannot convert the traffic into usable leads.

A typical landing page is made up of visual, audio, and written content. An effective landing page should also include a form where every visitor can leave his or her contacts. A good visitor form can be either simple or complex. A simple form could include the visitor’s name, email address and or his/her phone number. A more complex form could include the visitor’s name, email address, physical address, phone number, the name of their company, their job title, etc. Here is an example of a landing page that uses a short video that educates our potential clients about using retargeting pixels on their web pages to double their conversions.

Give Something to Get Something

It is very likely that you will have many visitors and dedicated fans who follow your social media pages, YouTube channels, your blog, etc. However, most of these fans may not be so quick to give you their contact information though. A good number of these fans and followers may contact you over the phone or via email to get more information on your “senior living community,” while an equally good number, for whatever reason, may choose not to. To ensure that you get as many of your visitors’ contacts as possible, you will need to offer them something in return.

It is safe to assume that even your most dedicated fans and followers would not give you their contacts easily unless they got something in return. Even though you have been offering your followers good information through your social media pages and blog, it may not be enough to get them to give you their phone numbers of email addresses. To get this rather personal information, you will have to offer them something that can be seen as being a little more substantial. Some of these gifts may include an e-book, an infographic, a case study, or even an exclusive opportunity to watch a video that would benefit them. Whatever you choose to offer your visitors for free must be something that your visitors will feel is worth exchanging their contacts for.

Your landing page is where all your visitors will be prompted to type in their contact information in exchange for whatever gift you will be offering. As soon as the visitor fills in their details, he or she can then proceed to claim the offer.

Landing pages are usually dedicated to describing and “selling” your free offer.

You could compose your landing page in the form of a blog post and place all the details about getting the free offer at the end of it. The form that the visitors will type in their contacts will then follow.

The reason why these pages are called landing pages is they are the pages of your site where visitors “land” as soon as they click on a “call-to-action” button or link in another location.

You should make sure that the content you offer on your landing page is appealing and impossible to ignore. The design of the content should be able to grab the attention of anyone who visits the page. The contacts form must also be simple and easy to fill in a few steps.

Whatever you choose to offer your visitors in exchange for their contacts must be unique. It must be content that they will not find on any social media sites, or anywhere else on your website. As mentioned above, it must also be of great value to them. It must speak to their desires and aspirations and help them solve whatever problems or challenges they may be facing.

Examples of Download Offers Ideal for Senior Living Communities

  • An e-book guide on knowing when it is time to move one’s, parents
  • A guiding e-book on how to care for one’s aging parents
  • A video to guide caregivers and the senior on how to stay healthy with less strenuous exercises• An e-book on scaling down housing for empty-nesters
  • Tips on how to care for a parent who has dementia
  • An e-book on establishing power of attorney for parents who can’t handle their finances anymore
  • A book that helps seniors determine how much they could save by moving into smaller accommodations

Attracting Visitors to Your Landing Pages

Include calls-to-action that properly describe and “sell” your free offer on as many relevant pages on your site and social media websites as you can.

Here are places where you can put the calls-to-action:

  1. At the end of blog posts.
  2. On all your relevant social media pages. You may purchase advertisement space on LinkedIn or Twitter. You may also “boost” any Facebook posts that happen to share the offer. You should, however, avoid making it sound like a promotion.
  3. In your email campaigns. Even though you already have these contacts, the recipients will trust you more with every additional information they get either on your website or through a download. An effective marketing campaign for a senior living community involves forging confidence in your prospects.
  4. In the email signatures of your employees
  5. Your brochures, printed ads and other literature

When you offer your prospects useful information through persuasive and eye-catching landing pages and you receive their contacts in exchange, your sales and marketing team will eventually have many useful leads to work with. Your leadership team will respect you greatly for this.

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