Looking For The Best Phoenix SEO 2017

You have an opportunity. You’ve been asked to hire a search engine optimization (SEO) agency to provide digital marketing services for your Phoenix-based company website. You searched on Google for “(your city) + SEO” and got a list of 100+ of the best Phoenix SEO agencies. Like 25%+ percent of all searchers you started at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). You contact the firms they all tell you the same thing, “I can get you to the top of the SERPs” How is it possible for everyone to get the same results? The reality is that some can do it and others cannot. How do you determine which SEO expert to hire? This is the million dollar question for 2017.

Should their website looks be considered?

If you want to hire an SEO consultant that can also design your website, then yes, you should consider the look of their own website. If you only want a top-notch SEO, some of the best firms have websites that are quite basic. My companies website is very basic and follows best SEO practices. This works for us.

Here is a little secret. My own firm showed up first in Google for “san Juan del Sur SEO agency” and “san Juan del Sur SEO expert” the very first day I added the page to my site, but it’s not because we’re the best SEO firm. It’s because we were one of the first SEO firms in San Juan del Sur, we did a decent job on SEO. But nothing more outstanding than 50 other firms targeting the same keywords in any other city.

What Makes The “Best Phoenix SEO Agency”?

The best “SEO agency” for you might not be much of an agency. Bigger is always bigger but not always better. Your best SEO firm might be a guy working from his basement or in my case in my back yard. Maybe it is an SEO agency with 500 employees. Don’t make a decision on their size.

Would you hire a mechanic because he looks good, sounds good, or has worked in many garages? How many of these traits have to do with the skill of being a mechanic? You need to look past the superficial to hire the right SEO firm. Here’s how to do it.

Decide what fills your needs. Start with an SEO audit. If you want a thorough SEO audit to be prepared to pay for it. Do you need non-relevant links removed, do you have multiple bad reviews on-line and need reputation management, do you just need an SEO audit, ongoing SEO, link building, or one of the other many services SEO consultants offer? If you’re not sure what you need, start by figuring out the job to be done. Do you want to grow sales, or increase leads or both? Are you seeking a top 3 ranking, or do you just need the boss to know that someone is working on SEO so you can check it off your to-do list? Have a goal in mind and make that goal the center of your communication with a prospective Phoenix SEO firm. If you can measure the success of your SEO efforts are, you’re more likely to be successful.

Best SEO consultant in Candler, Arizona

Time To Sit Down With An SEO Consultant

Make your goals then sit down with an SEO consultant, in person or by Skype, that seems qualified and ask them to help you figure out your game plan. The best Phoenix SEO agency will offer you a free consultation and by doing so they have an opportunity to dazzle you and land the contract. This meeting will also help you to know if you have a repour with the people you will be hiring. After the consultation, which should take a few days if the SEO firm researches your website and industry, you should receive a proposal with the services you need and the time it will take to complete your goals.

The best Phoenix SEO agency may have clients that are fighting to work with them rather than the SEO firm fighting to work with that client. If they have an application for their clients it lets you know they are not begging for work.

Check their testimonials. The most important question you want to be answered by an SEO consultant is “Are you going to get my job done?”

If they say they can get this done quickly, run.

Great SEO is time-consuming and needs constant and steady attention.

At my agency, we’re bad at producing case studies. We are busy and we don’t want our clients being bothered or targeted by their competition. Google does take complaints and does investigate sites for using questionable SEO tactics. You want all things done to your site to appear natural and to be able to withstand any examination.

In 2017, hiring the best Phoenix SEO agency will take some insight and the use of your best business instincts.