Your big advantage in the area Chandler Arizona covering your {flood}. zip code is our local area SEO expertise.

Being a small business owner in Chandler Arizona we know that you want every advantage possible over your competition. Never before has there been more competition for the merchandise or services that you promote.

To drive more visitors to your business website many assume that PPC (Pay Per Click) or sponsored advertising is the best method.

In actuality, Google organic search offers you the best ROI.

A recent Google study showed that buyer preference is geo specific in their searches. 

While 67% of mobile users revealed a strong preference for search results customized by City, State, Zip Code.

For example: SEO expert Chandler Arizona {flood}.

Our strategy utilized this post to customize the geographical area of where the user is searching for an expert SEO consultant.

Not many Internet search companies can rank in various markets throughout the Southwest, can they?

Many don’t know how to rank in their home city. Rank Haven Media is an expert SEO in Chandler. Check out and discover how we can impact your business with more leads and clients.

Google’s algorithm figures out which content to show in the first page of the search. 

For a free SEO analysis go to

This will give you a complete analysis and show you some fixes that you can make to your website for immediate improvement in the search results.


Local business owners select to work with Rank Haven Media because we don’t use high-pressure sales techniques. This is a business of educating our clients on the long term commitment they need to get first-page ranking results. If you really want us to do into your site all you need to do is fill out a client application.

We can’t help everybody.

We take a few days and analyze your website and then email you a 10-minute video audit direct to your in box. 

After that, the ball is in your court. No annoying sales calls.

If you want to find out more how we can help you need to contact us with an email or phone call.

In this case, we set up a Skype video conference call and lay out our commitment to you.

We operate contract free so you can cancel anytime. Learn more about Chandler local SEO and things to consider when hiring an expert SEO agency to fill out an application by clicking here.

Keyword Analysis Is Where We Start For Dominating SEO

Rank Haven Media is an expert SEO agency.
Once we have the keyword research complete we will do your on page SEO and make sure your website is Google compliant.

Step Two Is Link Strategy

The goal of SEO is to rank for various search terms that generate traffic. You must have a safe link building strategy. Your Chandler SEO should deliver links that appear natural. Google can penalize your website for link building that appears spammy. This is why you must build safely by starting with a link fortress that protects your business website. Once that fortress is in place we build up the authority of those links by aggressively linking two tiers of links to your fortress that gives those pages and the links on them more authority and strength.

While building these links we do our outreach techniques to authority websites and blogs in your industry.

Take Action, Do Not Delay

Don’t wait to dominate your Chandler area competition. Stop being lost on the back pages of the search results and get found today. A website that isn’t on the first page of Google is a company that doesn’t get traffic. We live to take your companies website to the front page of Chandler Arizona search results.