8 Successful Tweeting Tips for Entrepreneurs

By K. Ong

Take advantage of Twitter’s succinct 140-character limit and multimedia-linking capabilities to gain a loyal following and foster strong customer engagement. Here are eight effective tips to improve your Twitter marketing skills and to get more out of the popular social networking site.

  • Raise Your Brand Profile

    Twitter is equipped with an advanced search functionality you can use to find relevant Twitter accounts and key influencers in your industry. Boost your brand profile by following and engaging with like-minded, high-profile brands and people on Twitter.

    Know Who Among Your Twitter Followers Really Matter

    Identify who among your followers are influential enough to lend credibility to your business. You should, of course, treat allyour followers graciously as they can all contribute to exposing your brand to more and more people. However, some of your followers are influential in their field and are far more likely to sway other people to give whatever you’re offering a try. You might want to interact with them regularly.

    You can leverage the capabilities of analytics tools aimed at social media to know hot topics among your social media audience. These include 33Across, Brandwatch, and Topsy. You should also look into using Twitter tools, the likes of SocialRank, to recognize the who’s who among your followers.

    Reach Out to Your Offline Customers

    Your customers who don’t have Twitter accounts can connect with you through an SMS Twitter subscription. These customers can readily send a text message containing “Follow @[your Twitter handle]” to a particular code that the Twitter support page has detailed at support.twitter.com/articles/20170024.

    To avoid annoying your mobile subscribers, create another Twitter account–that is still consistent with the branding you’ve implemented on your main account–for which to deploy around two to three important tweets per week.

    Don’t Tweet Like a Bot

    You should keep track of relevant topics on Twitter and increase your visibility using hashtags. But use hashtags sparingly. Stuffing all your tweets with one hashtag after another makes you look ludicrous and spammy.

    Listen, Learn, and Participate

    Find out what your target audience considers to be the pressing issues in your industry. Then tweet solutions. If it’s possible to relate your proposed solutions to your product offerings, then say so.

    You might want to regularly search your company’s name and other related keywords. Attend to your unhappy customers and offer help. Also, always make it a point to stay relevant on social media. Participate in ongoing Twitter discussions, and offer helpful information.

    Exploit Shareable Visuals

    Images and text make your tweets more share-worthy, so use them. The stunning image previews that show up on your followers’ feeds are effective attention grabbers.

    Get Retweets

    Gain more exposure and site traffic by being retweeted. If you are consistently tweeting information that resonates strongly among your followers, then you won’t have any problem getting retweets. However, you can also speed things along through services such as JustRetweet.

    Avoid Making Direct Sales Pitches

    Twitter is not the platform for your blunt sales pitches and endless links to your different product pages. It is a powerful social media platform for customer engagement. It is where you are supposed to build your audience and turn them into paying customers through an occasional, well-placed call to action. Instead of bombarding people with spammy tweets about your latest sales promotion, tweet about solutions to some common issues relevant to your industry and dole out information that is helpful to your followers.

  • Don’t self-promote too much. While it may be tempting to plug your projects constantly, you run the risk of alienating a lot of people and losing followers. Use the 80/20 rule. Spend 20 percent of your time promoting your projects and the other 80 percent having conversations and interacting with people.
  • Post your Twitter URL anywhere you spend time online. Update your Facebook page so that your Twitter address is listed on your profile. If you have a blog, installing a widget of your Twitter stream will direct your readers to your page, resulting in more followers. You can also include your Twitter URL in your email signature as a way to pick up followers.
  • Be easy to find. If people aren’t able to find your page easily, they won’t be able to follow you. Use your real name in your profile and make your profile searchable.
  • Use #hashtags whenever you can. The use of hashtags makes it easy for Twitter users to quickly search for a common subject. For example, #fem2 is a common hashtag used for tweets about feminism. Anyone who does a search for #fem2 will see other’s tweets about the subject and can reply, retweet or follow the person.
  • Retweet other’s tweets. If you see a tweet that is funny, informative or controversial, retweet it to the rest of your followers. The people you retweet will appreciate it and many of them will follow you.

If following all ten steps look overwhelming at first, try carrying out one or two methods at a time. Then you can gradually add more steps as you get the hang of it. In no time you should see an added increase in your followers.

I am a digital marketer that got my start marketing my restaurant businesses in Costa Rica and San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. I took my online marketing success and joined an elite online SEO Mastermind to learn SEO. These skills have allowed me to drive traffic and leads to my clients and other SEO’s websites. Now I am a digital nomad based out of Chandler, Arizona but spend much of my time in the Tropics.