Post Multiple Photos and Videos in a Single Post

Instagram has released new updates earlier this year that allows you to add multiple photos and videos all in one shot.

Below is a helpful video that explains this process.

Simple to Add Multiple Photos & Video Instructions

Why reinvent the wheel?

This article from Wired explains exactly how to add multiple photos to your Instagram Story. I hope this covers all the information you needed.

From Wired:

Instagram continues to edge closer to its owner Facebook with its latest update that lets you post multiple photos and videos in a single post.

As part of update 10.9, for iOS and Android, you will have the choice to combine up to 10 photos and videos from an event, holiday or more in one Instagram post which followers can swipe through. This is similar to how galleries and carousels on Facebook work and are reminiscent of Instagram’s own Stories feature.

Below is a video tutorial that explains step by step how to use Instagram.

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